Staff Bubble is a fantastic tool thats has allowed us to scale our business through hiring new talent and also making sure that we are keeping our existing teams happy and rewarded. We love it!!

HR Manager, Wired Marketing Ltd

Growing Businesses manage their staff and teams better with our simple HR software because...

Simple and Easy to Use

Staff Bubble is chosen by businesses to manage their staff and recruitment because of its simple and easy navigation which allows you to access core information within 2 clicks.

Separate Staff Login Access

Empower your staff by allowing them to book holidays, make business suggestions, view internal communications and collaborate with their team members.

Detailed Business Reports

Real time information is key to understand your resource requirements and individual or team issues within your business. We provide this all to you within a click of a button.

Check out some of the cool features that allow you to control your business with ease...

HR software that drives staff management

Staff Bubble drives core actions that means your business can grow and know it has the support to deal with essential staff management. From future appraisal booking, holiday and attendance management and training logs our dashboards provide quick visibility backed up with necessary detail on all actions.

Plus Staff Bubble use modern social techniques like shared goals, corporate news feeds, social interfaces and business suggestions. The result is a more collaborative environment where individuals, teams and departments share in the business goals and feel a valued and empowered staff member.

Acquire, Manage and Retain Staff

Attracting the right talent for your business is essential for growth. With our advanced recruitment hiring solutions we help you ensure you have hired the right candidate and then make sure you retain and reward your staff through our collaborative HR solutions. From empowering individuals to grow their skill sets via training courses and kudos through to detailed data reporting and management tools we make it easy to acquire, manage and retain your key talent.

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Staff access from Anywhere

Empower your staff by allowing them to request holidays, suggest goals and opportunities for the business.

Attendance Management

Customise, track and manage holidays, sick leave, attendance and individual adjustment and then analyse company capacity and trends.

Employee & Manager Access

Delegate & audit HR responsibilities to teams and managers. Enabled team management, appraisal and talent growth using one core HR solution for your business.

Absence Tracking

Track and report on short and long term staff absence. Then create automatic alert workflows to help you manage and deal with patterns and attendance

Appraisals, Performance, goals and kudos

Store and record information about staff performance and objectives. Then track and build career and skills growth for individuals and teams storing essential information and documents along the way.

Alerts & Reminders

Automate and alert so you and your team are reminded of key activities such as appointments, interviews, appraisal, probation reviews and key staff events.

And more ...
  • Personal Detail Management
  • Employment History Details
  • Attendance Details and Reports
  • Disciplinary Details and Reports
  • Training Programs and Courses
  • Performance / Appraisal Management
  • Goals and Targets
  • Innovation Management
  • Time sheets and Submissions
  • Benefits and Assets
  • Accident Records
  • Document and Contract Storage

Plus you can also recruit new talent at a click of a button...

ATS and Vacancy Management

Manage permanent and contract jobs through our vacancy system. Create adverts, post out to job boards, review and schedule interviews and hire the right candidate with our simple 5 step process.

Effective HR reports that allow you to manage your staff
and business with ease...

Check out the some of the useful reports that StaffBubble contains:
  • Contact Report
  • Business Summary Report
  • Head Count Summary
  • Accident Report
  • Company Goals Summary
  • Innovation Management Report
  • Organisational Chart
  • Termination Summary
  • Holiday Summary Report
  • Sick Leave Summary Report
  • Capacity Summary Report
  • Skills Matrix
  • Training Matrix
  • Candidate Summary Report
  • Sick Leave Reason Report
  • Attendance Overview
  • Time Sheet Summary Report
  • Salary Report
  • Disciplinary Report
  • Asset Summary
  • Vacancy Summary Report

Why should you use Staff Bubble?

Staff Bubble provides an intuitive HR Software Solution
that helps accelerate your firm's growth and retain Talent within your business

  • Social HR Management
  • Applicant Tracking Solution
  • Collaborative Hiring & Management
  • Manage Holidays and Absences
  • Skills and Training
  • Staff History & Management
  • Measurable Business Goals and Targets
  • Talent Management
  • Career and Job Website

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Our mission

To elevate HR and Staff management and provide the tools to help bridge todays skill gap.

As part of our suite of products our HR solution helps businesses support and maintain their staff whilst acquiring new talent for required business positions by matching staff and candidate skills and personas with business requirements.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Staff Bubble

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Full Recruitment Solution
  3. Marketing Tools
  4. Staff Relationship Management Suite
  5. Simple Pricing

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